The life of famer…

A few days ago I have been met a chance to visit a pure village and saw the life of the countryman live there.
As I was passing through the passahe

A way to thankfulness

A sixteen years old boy frile in appearance with blue jeans and black t-shirt entered in the house. He was fully tired and hungry. So moved towards the kitchen to see what’s in lunch? Soon he unlid the container of food. His smile vanished from his face ; what’s that? You already know that I hate this dish even that you made it ;he said furiously and left the house with great anger.”stop listen my son, I ‘ll made some thing other for you. Listen! A voice of his grandmother stroke with his ears butt he carelessly left the house and went to a nearby park

His friend’s find out him and they started play together. After some time they saw a family who came there with some food item and enjoying the whether as well as the beautiful peaceful atmosphere of the park. They ate some food to their fulfillment and then throw the left food in the wasteage bin and went to their home happily.

After sometimes a small boy who was six or seven years old with his dirty shorts and shoeless feet came in to the park. He was finding some things in the garbage bin. He put out that waste food from that filthy,dirty garbage and started eating that unheigenic food.

Tears of sorrows greif and shame came into the eyes of that boy sit with his friend at a distance of ten-twelve meter . He went to home and ate that dish which disliked the most with great thankfulness

Allah Almighty given us lot of blessings which we never care or say thanks to that merciful Lord. The more he give but we can’t say even thanks to his countless blessing which He showers upon us every day every minute every moment. Isn’t it???

Tajamal ghuman